About Steven Bové • Contact

I have spent the last several years living in Connecticut and working in Marketing and Advertising specializing in Print Campaigns, Branding and Social Media where I excel as a hands-on Art & Creative Director. As an Art & Creative Director I have been responsible for:

  • Concept of Campaigns
  • Generation of Branding (Logos & Headlines)
  • Organization of Collateral (Print Products)
  • Social Media (Web Presence and copy writing)
  • Concepts and Ideas on Company relations with the public and PR Firms
  • Interfacing with Vendors on execution of deliverables and costs

I began my career in commercial art in the comics’ field and have been fortunate enough to be associated and have works published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Eros Comix & Archie Comics. I created works from stories to advertising during my time in the industry.

Fascinated by computer technology I joined Sesame Street and began producing print and animation works. I maintain more than a passing interest in computer technology.

I continue to write and create graphic novels and instruction books on art and advertising as well as teaching. I also have experience writing scripts and creating storyboards for commercials with several running on TV and the Internet.

Due to the copyright ownership of much of my work I cannot present it here for review. Please contact me for a more complete PDF portfolio. Thank you.

Steven Bove



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